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Gender-balanced boards are proven to result in greater business success and the Women's Directorship Programme was created in answer to the worldwide business community’s call to tackle the existing gender diversity imbalance in boardrooms. 

Meraki Executive Search & Consulting and The University of Hong Kong, Executive Education of the Faculty of Business and Economics, joined forces with senior business leaders to create the world's first certificated, internationally focused, cross industry, board preparedness programme, exclusively for women.  The Women's Directorship Programme is now in its ninth successful year having seen over a hundred participants complete the programme.

Board members face new challenges and increases in responsibility since the recent wave of governance reform swept in. Directors need to be better prepared – beyond just compliance – to best represent the interests of shareholders and stakeholders.

It is widely understood that gender-balanced boards and senior leadership teams make good business sense, and yet women are still hugely underrepresented in boardrooms and management teams across the world. Our programmes aim to address this imbalance by enabling more board-ready and management team-ready female leaders to rise to the challenge.

Through a comprehensive combination of lectures, interactive sessions, leadership exercises and input from senior business leaders, the WDP courses address contemporary issues in the workplace, across industries and geographies.  The Women's Directorship Programme has helped hundreds of women to be more effective at managing boards and has served to increase the pool of board-ready women executives.  The Women's Development Programme serves to support organisations in their efforts to shore up the female talent pipeline, by providing participants with the skills, knowledge and network to realise their full potential in the workplace.

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Focused on Diversity, Innovation and Professional Development, Meraki leads the way in business transformation, supporting clients all over the world

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The Women's Directorship Programme and the Women's Development Programme are led and delivered via a partnership between The University of Hong Kong and Meraki Executive Search & Consulting.

The Women's Directorship Programme initiative was first created by our founding partner Harvey Nash alongside HKU, resulting in the world-class programme it is today. We are hugely grateful for the on-going support from our partners Community Business, The Women's Foundation and The 30% Club

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The #1 University in Hong Kong and #2 ranked in Asia, the University is committed to gender diversity initiatives.

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