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Women's Directorship Programme India 
20-23 Nov 2024

WDP India 

Gender-balanced boards are proven to result in greater business success and yet women are still hugely underrepresented in boardrooms across the world. Having more senior women as role models in companies filters down into the whole company, economy and society and can help contribute to wider debates on issues such as pay equity, workplace policies and other critical barriers facing women. Following the incredible success and impact of The Women’s Directorship Programme with HKU Business School, launched in HK in 2013 and now in its twelfth year, the team are bringing the programme to India to meet the demand for an International Corporate Governance programme exclusively for women to help prepare them to serve as responsible, ethical and impactful Boad directors. 

Through a comprehensive combination of lectures, interactive sessions, leadership exercises and input from international faculty members and senior business leaders, the Women’s Directorship Programme offers a blend of both academic and practical learning. The programme serves to address contemporary issues in the workplace, across industries and geographies.

The Women’s Directorship Programme is designed to help participants develop their own set of leadership strategies for board impact tailored to their career ambitions, recognising that these will evolve over time as new challenges arise and elements in their lives change.

The four-day in person programme with one additional virtual module, will be held in Mumbai, India.

Module 1

The Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members

The first module of the programme provides participants with perspective on the roles of the board and supporting committees, plus practical insights regarding the roles and responsibilities of independent non-executive directors (INEDs) in terms of the finance, audit, risk oversight and remuneration committees. This module will discuss the typical responsibilities of the nomination committee and explore the most effective processes for making board appointments.

Module 2

Strategic Leadership

To achieve organisational goals, board directors as leaders, must collaborate with people across and outside of their organisational boundaries – serving to acquire new ideas and resources. This module will explore strategic thinking, focused on the benefits of various business models and their evolution, as well as understanding the key issues facing listed companies, and what and how to advise the board and managing executives.

Module 3

Ethics And Compliance

This module focuses on moral philosophy, organisational psychology, and cognitive biology, with an emphasis on communication and ethical reasoning skills that impact on professional performance. Two primary areas of business ethics will be highlighted – firstly how directors can utilise “moral architecture” to build mechanisms that help employees and executive teams avoid unethical behaviour.

Module 4

Best Practice for Board Governance, Director Obligations and Liabilities

We discuss the various liabilities and obligations for company directors, and take in the latest listing rules for public companies, for India and other markets. We look into the best practice - Boardroom hot topics including sustainability, cyber, risk, AI, transformation, succession planning, related party transactions.

Module 5

Board Dynamics

With an international Chair, we look at Boardroom Dynamics, Committee work (Audit, Gov, Risk, Nomco), and how to get on a board, and getting ready for your Board journey.

Module 6

Board Simulation 

This simulation exercise enables participants to put lessons learned throughout the programme into practice. This module will explore how to operate legally, ethically and efficiently in the current economic and legal environment. Participants will discuss how making decisions causes a ripple effect across the entire business.

Module 7 (Virtual)

CID (Certified Self-Assessment Independent Director) India

This virtual module will help unpack the requirements for completing the online test to complete your programme

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Guest Speakers

Nick Allen_edited.jpg

Nick Allen

Chair of Link REIT and


Sutapa Banerjee_edited.jpg

Sutapa Banerjee

INED of Zomato,

Godrej, Polycab

Vinita Bali_edited.jpg

Vinita Bali

INED of Cognizant &

former CEO Britannia

Modern Architecture

Other Details

Tuition fee: USD$4,750 (INR 400,000)
Tuition includes some meals and materials, excludes accommodation

The Programme aims to open doors for the participants, serving to change the face of boardrooms worldwide.


There will be an exam that will be set to all participants (virtual) and upon successfully passing, a Certificate in Board Governance will be awarded by The Women’s Directorship Programme.


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